Choice approaches each product within the confines of its intended application.  In doing so, each product is the result of our customers design requirements and our input for optimum manufacturability.  

A place to work

Choice Precision is always looking for employees that are willing to grow with us.  We offer a highly competitive benefits package including medical, dental, 401K and life Insurance for the individual or family.  Our shop is well maintained and organized, temperature and humidity controlled, as well as being one of the safest manufacturing facilities around.

A place to learn

Choice Precision also understands that not everyone is skilled in all aspects of the production process, which is why we offer education reimbursement, job assessments and the time and guidance necessary for any employee that wants to learn.  Our group leaders, supervisors, engineers and management team fully understand the value of skills development.

A place to achieve

At Choice there is a diverse array of technologies and capabilities to master.  Any employee that wants to broaden their skill set, improve their mobility on the shop floor and remain flexible to new challenges can take advantage of those opportunities.  Choice always promotes from within the organization and recognizes a job well done.  

Choice Precision News & Updates

Congratulations to our distinguished long term employees for more than 25 years of dedicated service at Choice Precision!

Brian Geiger – Quality Manager – Hire date 7/23/1993

Marv Weber – Engineering – Hire date 12/7/1993

Greg Willet – General Manager – Hire date 2/3/1995

Brian Reasinger – Machinist – Hire date 8/14/1995

Sorry to miss you at this year’s IMTS show in Chicago September 14 – 19th

We look forward every year to meeting and catching up with our strategic partners, customers, suppliers and vendors.  Most especially we will miss the latest technology up dates the industry has to offer and the opportunities to re-introduce ourselves.  See you at the next show


In the world of precision machining, it is the usage of Technology within a custom designed workflow that differentiates the business.  For example; smaller shops can certainly make good parts, fill orders and determine proof of concept…….1,2,10,25 pieces at a time.  But as customers and applications move through their life cycle, they eventually need highly complex precision parts beyond proof of concept, in larger volumes every day, every week, every month, year over year without any variability in dimension or impact to performance on a reliable basis.  Period.  Come visit our production floor and see how our technology can improve your bottom line.


Innovation is a big word these days that implies new, creative, change, growth and opportunity.  Choice Precision also knows that our innovation primarily extends to the principles, methods, technology, quality and expertise of our entire organization.  Meaning that we utilize critical thinking and decision making to insure our customers products are absolutely built to the same exacting standards every time… boring and un-innovative as that sounds.  To be clear, our innovation shines during the development phase but once our customers lock in on a design we quickly shift gears and use those same innovative skills to drive efficiencies, throughput and quality initiatives.

Interested in working at Choice?

If Choice Precision sounds like the kind of work environment that fits your life and future expectation please reach out directly. You can call anytime, any day, directly submit your resume through this website or text us with a copy of your work experience.  You can even stop by our office to talk to someone directly.