Case Studies



Problem: A leading edge life sciences company had a newly patented technology for determining various blood component concentrations using filtered light, but had no experience in designing and building a market ready test module.

Solution: So together with Choice, we set out over 2 years to evolve from a nominal dimensioning and tolerancing package to very specific set of criteria to optimize product functionality and manufacturability. Much of this work centered on surface finish limits, smoother motion characteristics and simplified overall assembly design. The resulting product allowed them to capture their target market, enhance their overall product portfolio and eventually let to a significantly transformative business merger-venture.

Aerospace & Defense

Problem: A major supplier to the U.S. Navy was having difficulty meeting the complex dimensional requirements of several critical on-ship components.

Solution: Some of the parts simply required lots of machine hours to produce and others issues were associated with major material changes to the specifications causing disruptions on the production floor. Because of Choice’s commitment to both leading edge equipment technologies and broad material development efforts we were able to step in and make a real impact. In this case our experience with highly expensive Titanium castings, Monel alloys and other advanced materials gave us leg up on the machining dynamics. And our equipment gave us an opportunity to streamline the process, improve quality, reduce scrap and eliminate man-hours from the cost. As a result, our customer was able to maintain their tier one status with the Navy and evolve their entire product line.

Problem: A major Aerospace supplier was having trouble keeping up with demand and was at risk of facing significant contract penalties.

Solution: In this case a chronic labor shortage was the primary challenge and that meant there weren’t enough hours to fulfill the orders…..and demand had spiked in the market. Finding a qualified shop with AS9100 certification along with the documentation disciplines and machining capabilities to match was a seemingly insurmountable task. But once Choice brought their resources to bear on the problem, an entire family of Titanium forged, complex geometry, thin walled cooling housings were qualified quickly and made available. This history has lead to a long standing relationship between both manufactures to the ultimate benefit of the Defense industry.


Industrial & Energy

Problem: A material change had made it difficult if not impossible to achieve the exacting dimensional tolerances for a critical seal within a large petrochemical infrastructure.

Solution: Choice Precision was familiar with machining and working with 410 Stainless steel that accepts heat treat for enhanced hardening, but that didn’t make this dilemma any easier. The process had to be re-engineered in it’s entirety to avoid heat and work hardening at the machine tool and the resulting thermal stress build up in the part. Changes in fixturing, cooling systems, depth of cut, speed and lathe time were all adjusted. These accommodations were necessary because the finished part was a very large diameter pump seal with a 2 ten thousandths flatness specification across the entirety of the part,..AND a reverse tapper on the diameter. Traditional mechanical quality gauges were not practical for this application thereby requiring an ultra sensitive Helium light band scattering detection unit. Impressive work and much appreciated all the way around.

Problem: Material availability on a critical field component had been disrupting the supply chain and shutting down refineries across the US.

Solution: Inconel is a specialty exotic alloy that is designed into many of the holding compressors used by refineries worldwide. Often used as studs or fasteners in these units the alloy is resistant to higher heat and chemically harsh environments. Choice was not only experienced in this alloy but was able to secure and guarantee its availability on a contractual basis. Meaning that Inconel feedstock with full lot integrity, melt history and traceability with H hardening and heat treated in accordance to AMS 5663 had to be available at all times on our shop floor. The final part had to meet strict dimensional guidelines, exhibit no latent micro cracking during processing and pass Magnetic particle inspection before going out the door. That particular promise was made and kept over a decade ago.


Problem: A long term customer was experiencing significant foreign competition in new emerging markets and alternative designs we not an option. Price and share erosion were already occurring.

Solution: This was an existing and long term customer of Choice Precision and we both came into this project prepared to explore all potential opportunities and solutions. As such we were ready to optimize the production process dedicated to their products and invest in the technology necessary to reduce machine time, scrap, improve throughput and build incentives along the way. With a collaborative team in place and over period of 2-3 years efficiency gains were realized, a dynamic production schedule was implemented and order quantities were released in optimum lot sizes. Ultimately both companies achieved market share growth with cost controlled disciplines in place.



Problem: A high speed automation equipment OEM was looking to streamline their overall supply chain and wanted Choice Precision to match and qualify to their incoming product standards at our dock.

Solution: These were relatively large precision castings that would secure and hold a 0.003” thick walled can under vacuum and super high speed, ie; thousands per minute. Each unit had to be CMM measured at over 200 reference points ,…AND maintain a bilateral tolerance of 2 thousandths of an inch (0.001” either way) allowable over the entire part profile. Quality and On-Time-Delivery were of ultimate importance to this customer. The quality disciplines were already in place, the audit was scheduled within a week of the request and the customer certification was issued. No disruption to the supply chain with near immediate implementation from the date of their initial request.

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